New Feature and Fixes (February 11, 2015)

Hi Everyone!

We just released this week's updates to ShootQ. In this release we included the following:

Additional Variables to Invoice Email Templates - Variables for Event Name and Event Date have been added to the automatic payment reminder and automatic thank you email templates for invoices. This should help clients that have multiple shoots scheduled with you to easily see which shoot the invoice pertains to. These templates can be updated in the Invoice Settings section.

Bug Fixes

1.When a payment gateway that was being used to process payments for existing orders was deleted under Settings > Invoices & Settings > Online Payments, the only option as a replacement was "Manual Payments Only". We've restored the ability to choose another payment gateway that's integrated into your account. This "How Do I Delete A Merchant Account" help hub article explains more.

2. We also fixed a few broken URLs on the site and did some under-the-hood system maintenance.

Happy Q'ing!


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