Bug Fixes and New Feature (September 12, 2014)

Hi Everyone,

In today's release we did a little bit of fall cleanup, removing bugs from the dark corners and getting the Pictage pricing page updated. 
Bug Fixes:

  1. While creating a new item during the manual booking process, selecting “Use this item only for this client” was saving this item into the studio’s product/services list under Settings > Pricing.
  2. When creating an order/proposal, if the entire subtotal for an invoice is marked "already paid" on the first payment (specific amount) and the remaining balance (second payment) is the tax, the entire invoice is marked paid instead of showing the tax as the remaining balance. After the fix, you can set up two payments. The first payment (specific amount) can be for the entire order subtotal and it can be marked paid. The second payment (Remaining Balance) can have a due date. When tax is applied as a lump sum on final payment the second payment will show the tax (if taxes are applied proportionally they will be applied to the first payment and the entire invoice will be marked paid). This is helpful, for example, when your studio is running a promo on your session fee but are still required to collect tax.

New Feature for New Accounts:

  • Default pricing and Default products/packages have been added to accounts for any new ShootQ account starting on September 12, 2014 (just like default workflows, contracts, email templates, etc are already configured). These were added to help new studios get set up faster. If a studio wants to remove these products they can check the box on the far left side of the product and choose a bulk action (Discontinue/Delete).

1.            Discontinued Pictage products have been removed from Settings > Pricing > Sell A New Product > Choose from Pictage’s Catalog

  • Art Proof Print Pic Book
  • Premium Proof Print Pic Book - 4x6
  • Premium Proof Print Pic Book - 5x5
  • Premium Proof Print Pic Book - 5x7
  • Soft Cover Proof Book

We also updated the Willowbook Proof Book cover option and Cost of Goods Sold.  If you would like your price list to reflect the new changes you will need to remove your old Willowbook Proof Book and Willowbook Proof Book Pocket Size 5x5 and add the new one from Settings > Pricing > Products and Services > Sell New Product > Choose from Pictage's Catalog> Proof Products > Willowbook Proof Book and Willowbook Proof Book Pocket Size 5x5.

Happy Q'ing

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