Planned Downtime August 28, 2014

Dear ShootQ Members:

ShootQ is installing new hardware and software to make the system more reliable for you. This requires a brief reboot of our system and then a series of checks to make sure the system is running properly. ShootQ will be performing this scheduled maintenance on Thursday, August 28th from 2:00am-3:00am Pacific time. We will try to keep this downtime as brief as possible.

Please note the affected areas below:

  • Your ShootQ account and all client areas (including questionnaires, online proposals, invoices, and pricing pages) will NOT be available during the planned downtime
  • All emails scheduled to send during the planned downtime will be sent once ShootQ is back online
  • All emails received by ShootQ will be added to shoots following the maintenance window.
  • All P3 payments scheduled to process at approximately 10pm PT on Wednesday, August 27th will be processed as usual.
  • Synced calendars will  not "push" information until the next syncing following the downtime.
  • The ShootQ Hosted contact form and a Public API contact form will  not be available during the maintenance window. Contact forms using the Lead Creation Email Address will function as normal.
  • The iphone app will not sync to the ShootQ servers during the downtime. Any cached information in the app should be available.

We understand that you might need access to your information during the planned downtime. If this is a concern, we recommend that you backup your information before 2:00am PT on August 28th.

If you have a shoot scheduled during (or around) this time, we recommend you print a shoot dossier. The dossier contains shoot information, remarks and relationships as well as the option to include questionnaires and contracts attached to the shoot. You can do this by clicking on the Print button in each shoot and using the browser’s print functionality to print or save to pdf.

You can also download a backup of your account data by following these instructions:

Thank you for your patience while we upgrade our back end systems.


Team ShootQ

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