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Hi All,

This is a message for those members who are using "Contact Form 7" on their Wordpress site and are also using the "ShootQ for Contact Form 7" plug-in.

There was a recent update made in version 3.9 of "Contact Form 7" that broke the "ShootQ for Contact Form 7" plug-in. It no longer automatically generates leads in ShootQ. Since this plug-in was developed by a third-party vendor, it is not supported by ShootQ. The developers of this plug-in have not updated it since 2011 but there is a "Support" area on the plug-in page where users can post a support topic.

Until this plug-in is updated by its developers, users of the plug-in will need to enter leads into ShootQ manually or use a different method of integrating.

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    UPDATE (8/8): As mentioned above ShootQ did not create nor do we support the "ShootQ for Contact Form 7" Wordpress plug-in. However, our developers have created code which may allow it to function with Contact Form 7. You'll need to update it in Wordpress by doing the following:


    • Go to the Wordpress Admin.
    • Go to Plugins > Installed Plugins.



    • Under "ShootQ for Contact Form 7", click the "Edit" link.



    • Under the "shootq_send" function:
      • comment out or delete the line:

     $post = $contactForm->posted_data;


    • replace code with:

     $submission = WPCF7_Submission::get_instance();

    if ( $submission ) {

    $post = $submission->get_posted_data();



    •  Click "Update File" button.
    • Go to your website's contact form and submit a test lead.
    • Check for your ShootQ lead.

     Hopefully, that solves the issue with the plug-in.


    For additional reference please refer to the following:



    /* WPCF7_ContactForm object no longer has a posted_data property. */

    $posted_data = $contact_form->posted_data; // Wrong.


    /* Use WPCF7_Submission object's get_posted_data() method to get it. */

    $submission = WPCF7_Submission::get_instance();


    if ( $submission ) {

        $posted_data = $submission->get_posted_data();


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