New Features and Fixes (July 10, 2014)

Hey Everyone!

We’ve just released this week's updates in ShootQ. In this release, we’ve added a frequently requested feature. Take a look at the latest updates:

1. Generic Signature Fields Added to Contracts– We have added the ability to have multiple contacts sign a contract without requiring the specific person that needs to sign the contract.  You can either select which contacts and/or signature fields you would like to require.   Learn More >>>

2. Create Custom Message on Invoices – While creating an order you can now add a custom message to the invoice.  This feature is great for everyone, but you will especially love it if you are a commercial photographer.   Read More >>>



Minor Updates: 

  • Client Portal Invoice Status Updated - We updated the language on the client portal homepage to reflect the structure of the invoice.
  • "Save As Default" Button Added for Contracts - We added a "Save As Default" button for contracts and generic signatures.

Happy Q'ing!

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