iPhone Release Update (July 1, 2014)

Hello Q'ers

We just updated our iPhone app, which has been overdue for some lovin'. We spent a lot of time addressing issues that have been reported.

The big issues that we resolved are:

  • Format issues related to iPhone 5
  • Updated it to be compatible with iOS 7
  • Issues with syncing
  • Unable to exit from map page
  • Contract format issues
  • Declined shoots failing
  • Addressed several areas of the app crashing
  • Unable to make payments on iPhone 5
  • Studio account information not populating
  • Plus many more smaller bugs

Dashboard.png    BookdShoot_Overview.png    iOS_Simulator_Screen_shot_Jun_23__2014__12.13.12_PM.png

Photographers with versions 1.4.5 and older will need to search for ShootQ in the Apple app store to download the latest version.  Any user that has versions 1.4.6 and above can simply apply an update in the app store.  Our newest release is 1.4.7.

We are aware there is still improvement to be done. This release brings the app up-to-date and in working condition to help you with your business. We will continue to assess ways to improve it for the future.  We are already working to address a new bug that was identified right after this release went live that sporadically causes the app to crash.

Happy Qing.

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