New Features and Fixes (June 25, 2014)

Hello Fellow Q'ers 

We have been busy at work this week bringing you a couple of great features. 

  1. Additional Stripe Currencies - We added two additional currency options, CAD and AUD, when using Stripe.  We already had the option for USD.  Learn More >>>
  2. New Payment Collection Option-  You can now have the payment collection amount be a percentage of the balance.  Previously it was always a percentage of the total; this option is still available too.  This new option will calculate the percentage of the outstanding balance, which is great if you are offering a set amount as a retainer, additional payments and several different package options.  This way, no matter which package your client chooses, and how many extra add-on options they choose before signing the proposal, their additional payments will be equal.

Happy Q'ing!

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