New Features and Fixes (June 20, 2014)

Hey Everyone!

We’ve just released another round of updates to ShootQ. 

  1. Studio Signature Added to 'View' Contract Page - When viewing a contract (either under Billing & Legal > View button or in the client portal) the photographer signature has now been added to display.
  2. Unsigned Contracts-  We fixed the issue where unsigned contracts were not showing up in Home > Correspondence > Unsigned Contracts.
  3. Copying Contracts Between Brands - We made an update that fixed the "Don't Panic" error that was generated when copying contracts from one brand to another.

Other Major Update:

  1. Give the Ability to Re-Sign Contracts From iPhone Bug-    We addressed the issue where jobs were being reviewed, signed and accepted from the iPhone app, but the signature was not being recorded in ShootQ (  In last week’s release, this was fixed for all shoots going forward. Today’s release fixes existing shoots that had this problem, you can now sign these contracts again and the signature will be visible to the client.

Happy Q'ing!

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