What's New w/ Q (May 21, 2014)

Hey Everyone!

We’ve just released the latest updates in ShootQ. In this release, we’ve added a frequently requested feature. Take a look at the latest updates:

1. Add Stripe as Another Payment Gateway Service – We have integrated with Stripe and now offer them as another merchant service provider.  This is great news for those of you that already use Stripe or for those who are looking for an alternative merchant account solution.  Learn More >>>

2. Conflict Icon Colors – We updated the conflict icon colors to reflect the colors of the old icons.  Green = No Conflicts, Yellow = Potential Conflict, Red = Conflict

Minor Updates and Bug Fixes: 

  • Setup Guide Links - We fixed the few links that were broken in the setup guide.
  • Account Backup Email - We repaired the issue, where the email notification was not being sent. 
  • We also added a few "under the hood" fixes to make your life a little easier.

Happy Qing!

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