New Bug Fixes (July 10, 2013)

Hey Everyone,

We just released the latest update to ShootQ.  This release was dedicated to resolving some known Pictage sync and bug issues. Take a look at the latest update.

  1. Pictage Sync Renaming and Re-sending -  You can now fix Pictage sync issues for renaming or re-sending the shoot from ShootQ, without contacting customer support.
  2. Product Workflows In Client Area-  These are now working correctly again, product workflows are completely removed from the client area once the workflow has been removed from the shoot.
  3. Invoice Reports - Easily export the photographer assigned to the shoot, in a new column on the downloadable csv and xls invoice reports.


  • Fixed the two formatting bugs in the Crystalized and Obsidian themes for the booking proposal.
  • Frostlight and Obsidian now have a void stamp added to them for voided invoices.

Happy Q'ing!

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