New Features and Fixes (May 30, 2013)

Hello Everyone!

We’ve just released a new batch of updates to Nimbus and ShootQ. In this release, we focused primarily on bugs and fixes, but there are a few features too.

Here are some of the major updates this round:

  1. Upgrade to Nimbus-Pictage Integration - Bigger images now available when choosing to import from a Pictage Event!
  2. Updated Spam Comments in Nimbus - Spam/Deleted comments no longer show under Recent Comments. We also added a new filter option Active as a default, this will show all comments except Spam/Deleted comments. 

Here’s a list of some additional changes & fixes:

  • Workflow Update - Resolved an issue with Scheduled Correspondence not being removed with Workflows.
  • Negative Balance Update - Negative balances no longer prevents online bookings from completing.
  • ShootQ Pages - Resolved some browser compatibility issues with them getting cut off.
  • Twitter Connection Resolved – The connection is now working again in ShootQ.
  • Nimbus Gallery Music Fixed - Obsidian and Frostlight will have music implemented in another release as these do not use the same Gallery as the older themes.
  • Logo and Background Images In Nimbus Updated - Now logos load securely in browsers across all themes.
  • More Obsidian beautification!
  • Unicode characters in the Shoot Type now don't cause error

Happy Q’ing!

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    Nathan Bell

    Thanks for the update!  Especially thankful for the Cut - off pages bug fix!  Keep up the good work!

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    Luis Alicea

    Good stuff!! Thanks for the update... info on updates are always welcomed!! Keep it up!

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