Nimbus - Four New Features, Plus Several More Updates

Hello Everyone-

We heard your feedback and are pleased to announce that we've made some improvements to Nimbus! With three great new features, Nimbus is now an even more powerful tool.

1.    Improved Comment Moderation: Save time with the ability to approve or delete comments in groups instead of individually.

2.    Update Multiple Images: Select multiple gallery images and apply one or more changes to all photos at once.

3.    Sub-Page Navigation: For Pages, you now have the ability to create sub categories. Create a Menu Item and assign child pages.

Here is the complete list of updates in this release of Nimbus:
•    We moved Pages to the Nimbus Navigation Bar for easy access
•    The Tags Widget has been updated for instances when no Tags are present
•    Preview now works for Nimbus Pages
•    We added a Navigation Bar section for Crystallized theme colors
•    You can now use a full-screen view when editing Nimbus code
•    We updated the interface so that saving new posts or edits in Nimbus keeps you in the source editor instead of returning you to the Posts home page

For more details, see these links:
•    Improved Comment Moderation:
•    Update Multiple Images:
•    Sub-Page Navigation:

Changes went live on Tuesday October 30th. Please check it out and let us know what you think!


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