What's New with Q? October 29, 2012

Atrium Updates

  • Added CMYK support to Atrium for logos and other theme assets
  • Minor tweaks to improve Account Promotional Functionality

Nimbus Updates

  • Update Multiple Images in a Gallery at once Learn More>>
  • Added Sub-navigation for all themes for Pages See More>>
  • Improved Comment Moderation User Interface Read On>>
  • Moved Pages to the Nimbus Navigation Bar for easy access
  • Updated Tags Widget for when no tags are present
  • Preview now works for Nimbus Pages
  • Added a Navigation Bar section for Crystallized theme Colors
  • Allow for full screen view for editing of Nimbus code
  • Updated flow so that saving new posts or edits in Nimbus keep you in source editor instead of returning to Posts home page
  • Save button working in Site Settings.

ShootQ Updates

  • Added PayJunction as another payment gateway service Learn More>>
  • Now Defaulting Country on Shoot Creation to the Account's Country
  • Updated Sort by Personnel when users are at the Invited State

Miscellaneous Fun

  • Now offering API integration for Pricing Tell Me More>>
  • Minor Tweaks to Improve Calendar Feeds

Happy Q'ing!

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    Nathan Bell

    Congrats on all the steps forward on Nimbus...  But we're looking forward to seeing more vigorous development of ShootQ.

    Where's the Mobile compatibility?  Invoicing flexibility such as per item discounts and one the fly price adjustment?  More robust reporting (that can actually exported to spreadsheets).  Variables in Email Subjects?  Multiple Signatures on Contracts?  Commissions and Sales tracking by personelle?  Preset Sales tax options?  and did I mention MOBILE COMPATIBILITY!!!!

    Don't forget about all us at ShootQ!  We love you more than anybody!

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    Hi Nathan, Thanks for the congrats and for always being an active part in our Community! We actually had a very similar post come up to which Katie’s reply speaks to answer your questions [http://help.shootq.com/entries/22270088-dear-shootq-please-listen-to-your-users-we-need-development]. Take a look and stay tuned!


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