What's New with Q? October 3, 2012


  • Now able to disconnect Instagram from your account
  • Improved Style-sheet handling to prevent from going missing
  • Now unable to save a Draft Post if there is no Title


  • Calendar Service Improvements to make ShootQ faster!
  • Made Workflow title required to save

Miscellaneous Fun

  • Cleanup for Evernote plug-in users to remove strange code
  • Updated some Icons in the Settings Tab

Introducing the ShootQ Setup Guide - Advanced Steps!

A few weeks ago, we launched a totally-revised ShootQ Setup Guide. It featured a smooth, intuitive walkthrough of the first 5 basic steps required to use ShootQ. Those 5 steps are essential, but there is a lot more customization available – and we strongly recommend users complete all of it. Now, we’ve updated the Setup Guide to include the full list of 13 “advanced” setup steps. New users can complete the first 5 steps, and then choose whether to continue with advanced customization or jump in and start booking shoots right away. 


For all you long-standing ShootQ users, don’t worry – if you’ve already completed some (or all) of the steps in this guide, we will automatically mark them as Complete for you.

 We think this revised setup process will make ShootQ even easier to use. After all, our goal is to help you get the most out of your business!

Happy Q'ing!

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