What's New with Q? July 11, 2012

Atrium Updates

  • Updated Account Statement formatting for Promotions, Credits, and Line Items.
  • Updated Access for suspended accounts.

Nimbus Updates

  • Google Plus buttons fixed.
  • Fixed some formatting issues for the Classic theme's Galleries and the 'play' button.
  • Fixed an issue where recent Blog posts did not show in the Preview for "fresh from the blog" (Crystallized).
  • Added URL checking in Alias settings in Nimbus.
  • Fixed an issue causing Body Text Color to not update (Stratus).

ShootQ Updates

  • Update formatting so Monetary values always show 2 digits after the decimal.
  • Error downloading CSV Payment history reports fixed.
  • Fixed a 5-cent rounding issue for certain invoices.
  • On the Invoice, made the calendar picker the only way to change the payment date to avoid confusion or errors.
  • Removed the header from Printed Documents (Crystallized)
  • Fixed spelling mistake in Questionnaire Footer.
  • Resolved specific Account Backup errors

Miscellaneous Fun

  • ShootQ Contact form now requires phone number (If I could put flashing lights here I would)
  • Further improvements to the ShootQ Facebook Contact Form
  • Now offering a Plain text alternative for emails sent from ShootQ
  • Update some legal text for file uploads

Happy Q'ing! 

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    Michael Goldman

    THANK YOU!!! "Now offering a Plain text alternative for emails sent from ShootQ"

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    David Medina


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    Candice Cossel
    How can I change the lead status on my iPad?
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    Hi Candice, Currently there is no way to unless you are using the ShootQ App. In Safari, there are one too many clicks that the iPad browser cannot handle.

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    David Medina

    Hey Natalie, what if we use Chrome for the iPad? Would it work?

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