What's New with Q? June 5, 2012

Atrium Updates

  • Billing: Promotion code rollovers now properly display amount charged rather than service plan amount
  • AMEX credit card image now showing on Atrium Billing page

Nimbus Update

  • Crystallized: Overlapping elements resolved on Pricing page and Client pages [My Wedding and Request Appointment]
  • Add Ons text color now customizable in the Classic theme.
  • Stratus: Package images formatted correctly not to overlap text.
  • Resolved the issue of not being able to change the default domain in Nimbus.
  • Optimize Nimbus Site Deactivation - We've made it super easy to turn off your Nimbus site! See this Knowledgebase article

ShootQ Updates

  • Repeating events on external calendar now properly marked as busy
  • Ability to Reorganize the Pricing Pages Read How
  • Discounts are now sorted together on payment history report
  • External Calendar Syncing Improvements
  • Facebook V2 Custom Shoot Type Fields are back
  • Facebook Integration link in Settings Corrected
  • Custom Shoot Types now show address information during shoot creation
  • All Invoices by Due Date report now shows all payments
  • Request to change footer text in Proposal email and Fixed Inconsistent Formatting on Footer Text. Read more in this Knowledgebase Article
  • We're now displaying the location entered when using the Request Appointment feature

Miscellaneous Fun

  • Added back "free trial" text & link to ShootQ plans page
  • Change text of auto-gen email in newer P3

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