Maintenance Update 2011-09-28

We released a maintenance update this morning primarily to re-implement the ability to manually send a payment reminder and to resolve a few bugs.  Check out the details:


Manual Payment Reminder - Added the ability to manually send a payment reminder from an invoice.

Preview Merchant account failures - Resolves an issue where previewing a payment form for a merchant account would fail to display.

Minimum payment enforced even when amount due is less - Resolves an issue where a payment could not be made if the payment balance was less than $10.

ProSelect Import Issue - Resolves an issue where imported items with similar names are treated the same.

Emailer Trouble - Resolves an issue where outbound emails were stuck in a "sending" state.

Error paying invoices with no due date - Resolves an issue with making credit card payments on invoices without due dates.

Bug in Order Recreation - Resolves a rare issue where the shoot overview fails to display when the date is removed by the photographer while a proposal is pending.

Preferred phone error with empty type - Resolves an issue where the shoot overview would not display when the phone number had no type due to being imported without one from a CSV file.

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