Maintenance Update 4/28/11

Fixed Issues

  • Fixing a bug which sometimes causes inbound emails to send "Which of these shoots?" emails containing the same job/event, e.g., 

            ShootQ needs you to clarify which of the following events you'd like to archive to: 
    • Event XYZ                
    • Event XYZ  
  • A few bug fixes and tweaks for Pictage integration: 
  • Fixing a bug that causes the ordering of package items to sometimes be incorrect in contracts.
  • In invoice emails, the order customer's name is now used instead of the shoot owner.
  • Fixing a bug in the tax calculation for proposal/booking previews which was causing invoice calculation to be correct, and the contracted amount not to be correct due to ignoring item "options".
  • Now when a lead is restored, its owner is made active again as well.
  • Event owners in Pictage Portal *must* have a valid first and last name. Adding a UI to event booking in ShootQ which enforces first and last name selection for events which will be synchronized to Pictage.
  • Fixing a frequent bug in public questionnaire lookups. 
  • Adding some code to prevent people from entering bogus dates in the "Quick Lead" availability widget. 
  • Sometimes a few fields in excel exports of invoice data were stored as text instead of a number. 
  • Attempting to improve the frequency of Pictage event synchronizations to resolve some data inconsistencies.
  • Fixing a bug which causes automated questionnaires to be indiscriminately re-created and re-sent whenever a shoot's name or location changes. Now this only occurs *if* the shoot's date has actually changed.
  • Working around lack of Ext IE9 support which was causing some portions of client area pages to truncate or behave oddly.
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