What's New With Q - October 11, 2010


Sometimes, Small Things Make a Big Difference.

Powdered sugar on your waffles, a cherry on your sundae, crushed ice in your soda, or a lime in your beer.

That stuff matters - it makes a regular day a bit happier.

Check out these handy, helpful features that came straight from your suggestions.

Hopefully, they make your ShootQ world a happier place!

  • Want to get rid of an old school workflow? No problem! Now you can quickly remove workflowsfrom your shoots.
  • Keep your orders clear and concise! You can now edit the name of an order on the Billing & Legal tab of your shoots.
  • Ready to retire those life-size wall prints? Discontinued items won't show up in your product/service list when creating a new package for clients.
  • What the heck happened to that email? No worries - now you'll be notified of failed email in your shoot correspondence, not just in the global correspondence view.
  • Make questionnaires even easier for your clients! The drop-down list on questionnaires now has an option to choose "Self" to stop someone entering their own info again.
  • Speedier communication. You can easily create a MadMimi audience list based on a shoot's workflow status. For example, if you're blogging a shoot as part of your workflow, send an email to folks and drive traffic to your blog!
  • Do you use RedCart or ProSelect? Now, when you import orders into ShootQ, you can associate them with the correct shoot because ShootQ filters shoots by booked vs. lead.
  • Let us do the grunt work for you! ShootQ will now detect when email addresses are pastedfrom Mail.app in format of: "Justin Lund justin@shootq.com" and format the email address automatically to justin@shootq.com. Presto!

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Phew, that's all!

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