What's New With Q - August 17, 2010

What's new with Q?

Experience the new integration between ShootQ & ProSelect, the revolutionary presentation, projection & sales software that transforms your client's cozy living room into your sales center!


ProSelect Integration learn more... proselect_screenshot.jpg

  • Create an experiential sales environment in your client's home or in your own studio.
  • Boost your sales by using projection tools to sell photos.
  • Crop and compare photos in real-time.
  • Project actual size photos onto walls.
  • Easily export client orders from ProSelect and import directly into ShootQ.
  • Correspond Products in ProSelect with Products in ShootQ.
  • Include those products in reports for a refined view of your business growth.
  • Connect orders from ProSelect with existing clients and shoots in ShootQ.
  • Impress your clients by displaying their orders and invoices in their private client portal!

  • Photo thumbnails for ProSelect orders are imported into ShootQ and shown to clients.

  • Benefit from ShootQ’s invoice tracking & reminder features with imported ProSelect orders!

Cooler Calendaring

  • When you send appointment requests to clients, events from your external calendars will respect the “Busy/Free” setting on individual events.

Don't be Duped

  • Importing contacts into ShootQ via vCard? Cool. We'll detect duplicates so you can update your records.

Other Cool Stuff

  • The Quick Lead form now enables you to enter partial-day events on the fly.
  • Toggle "on" or "off" the visibility of Lead and Booked events in your monthly, weekly, and daily calendar views.
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