General Nimbus FAQs

What's Nimbus?

Photographers rely on the web. Portfolios, proofing, online booking, business management, blogs, slideshows and more. Until Nimbus, these services were separate, making the experience fragmented and frustrating. And the experience for photographers' clients was equally frustrating and inconsistent.

Nimbus is the place where everything comes together. Nimbus is the hub of your photography business. Imagine a place where everything is connected, from portfolios to proofs, bookings to blogs, sales to slideshows. Everything's managed in one place, creating a seamless experience for you and your clients.

But I like my blog. Do I have to use a Nimbus blog? Or proofing?

Nimbus is a flexible platform. So, if you don't want to use parts of it, no worries! You can turn it off.

Is Nimbus just another website template?

Think of Nimbus as your command center to communicate and collaborate with your clients. Everything from your portfolio to proofs to paperwork is connected. It's never been so easy — and fun — to build your business and share your vision online.

When I redesign my website, will I have to start from scratch?

Are you kidding? That's crazy. With Nimbus, you can apply any theme. Your content doesn't change, but the look does. It's totally flexible and you control everything.

How's ShootQ incorporated into Nimbus?

ShootQ's current "Public Areas" are now available within Nimbus. So, questionnaires, online booking, invoicing, workflows and contact forms will still function as they do right now in ShootQ, but you can control and customize the look and feel with Nimbus themes.

How does Nimbus help my clients?

Imagine a prospective client experiencing your portfolio, sharing her reactions to your photos online, booking a shoot with you, and then collaborating with you via her personalized portal to manage the shoot details.

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