Creating Galleries in Nimbus

 Galleries let you manage images in groups within Nimbus.

Adding Galleries and Images

1. Start by adding a new gallery.


2. Create a gallery by giving it a title and a description. The title and description may be visible through your public site, depending on the theme you select.


3.  Select a source for your photos. You can upload them from your computer, or you can get them from Pictage, Flickr or Instagram. (The latter three require you to activate integrations with those services.)

Screen Shot 2011-10-17 at 3.05.17 PM.png

  • From your computer: simply drag-and-drop them into the upload tool in Nimbus, and click "Done." Or, just click "Choose Images Manually" and navigate to them on your computer.


  • From Pictage: From the two drop-down menus, select an event and then select a category from within the event. Want to add more than one category? Repeat the process with the next category.Safari_2.png.
  • From Flickr: You can select from "Sets" that are defined within Flickr and add the images from that "Set" to your Nimbus gallery: 

  • From Instagram: Pick images from your Instagram feed to upload to a gallery in Nimbus. You can select multiple photos by clicking on them. You can de-select photos that are already selected (indicated by a blue outline) by clicking on them again. You can also use the "Select All" and "Clear Selections" buttons to select all images or deselect all images. When you're done making your selections, click "Import Images."Screen Shot 2011-10-17 at 3.43.17 PM.png

Managing Galleries

You can edit the Gallery Information for each gallery. In order to see the gallery information, make sure no images are selected in the images tab. If you have an image selected, deslect by clicking in the white areas outside the images.


  • Sort by Title: Each image inherits a "Title" from the photos as they are added to Nimbus. The Title is the original filename of the image. Clicking "Sort by Title" will alphanumerically sort images by the title (original filename.) If you use numbers in filenames to sequence your images, sorting by title will restore the images to their original sequence.
  • Private URL: Galleries are "unpublished" by default. In other words, they won't show up in the galleries page of your Nimbus site. If you want to share a gallery without publishing it, click the "Private URL" button. The unpublished URL (web address) will open in a new window. You can copy the URL and share it however you wish.
  • Title: The "Title" field is used in most themes as the name of the Gallery. Keep it short and sweet!
  • Description: This is a more in-depth description of the gallery. Descriptions are often used by themes in conjunction with the gallery being displayed in the theme.
  • Background Music: When viewing a slideshow in a gallery you can select an audio file that will play in the background. To upload a new audio file, go to the Files tab.
  • Tags: Tags are used to organize and find galleries. You can apply as many tags to a gallery as you want, and many themes will provide links to tags. Tags can indicate shoot types, locations, subject matter, vendors, etc.
  • Allow comments: Do you want to allow the public to add comments to galleries? Note: Nimbus uses strong anti-spam technology to prevent spam.
  • Publish Updates to my Blog: Do you want Nimbus to auto-magically create a blog entry for this gallery when it's published?
  • Delete: When you delete a gallery, you delete the gallery AND all images it contains. Be careful!
  • Publish: Galleries are private by default. To make them show up in your galleries page in Nimbus, you must click the "Publish" button.
  • Save: This one seems pretty obvious. But use it! If you make changes to these settings, they won't be saved unless you click this button!

A "New Gallery" update posted to your blog

Appearance varies by theme.



You can also add Galleries to Sub-menu navigation. Go to Settings > Navigation, and select the Item Type Gallery. Then when you Add the item, it will appear as below!


Managing Images in Galleries

Click on a single image and you'll see information about that image in the panel on the right. Or, you can now CRTL/Shift + Click multiple images in a Gallery and apply Bulk Changes such as edit Image Information (Title, Description, Author, Tags, Comments), Delete, or Rearrange (drag and drop).


  • Title: This field is populated with the original filename of the image you've added.
  • Description: This field will inherit caption information from uploaded images or from Instagram.
  • Author: Allows you to select the photographer who created the image from a drop down that is populated with all users from your Nimbus account.
  • Background Music: This feature has been turned off on a per-image basis for Nimbus version 1.0.
  • Tags: Like galleries and blog posts, you can add tags to images to organize and find galleries. You can apply as many tags to a gallery as you want, and many themes will provide links to tags. Tags can indicate shoot types, locations, subject matter, vendors, etc.
  • Allow comments: Do you want to allow comments for individual images? Nimbus uses strong anti-spam technology to prevent spam.
  • Cover Image: You can designate an image as the "Cover Image" for a gallery, which is used to represent the gallery on your Nimbus site.

Click the title under a thumbnail to preview it.





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  • 0
    A&A Video Admin

    I am having the problem with the galleries not uploading and getting the spinning arrows.  Is there another fix to this?

  • 0
    Christy Transier

    I also can not preview my galleries or the image header that I uploaded.  Also having problems importing my blog.  Looks like these problems have been ongoing.  Any idea when they will be resolved?

  • 0
    Cayce Callaway

    Christy, did you publish your galleries?  This is not the same as publishing your site.  It's the button next to the save button on the right side of your gallery when you're importing.  As to the image header, make sure it's the right dimensions. It won't load properly otherwise.

  • 0
    Stan Richard

    Hello, has anyone yet addressed the image cropping in the gallery slideshows in the crystalline template?  I've been waiting patiently :) Thanks!

  • 0
    Ben Jenkins

    I know that issue has been reported but haven't seen an update on it yet.  If I remember correctly, there should be some new themes coming our way soon.

  • 0
    Cayce Callaway

    I'm having a problem with my images being slightly soft.  It doesn't happen if I upload them at a max height/width of 1200 at 240, but if I do them at a max height/width of 800 at 72 (which is what I thought it was supposed to be) then they look soft.  Are they okay at 1200/240?

  • 0
    Sarah & Drew Kittredge

    I just tried to make my first gallery. I just uploaded one image 1200x800 and I just get error messages.

    Fatal error: Stage width or height is too small to show the gallery. Traced measures: width:850px, height: 19px.
  • 0
    Robert Wermuth

    3 of my galleries have been processing for a year and are slow to load on the site most likely because of this, 

  • 0
    Katherine McClure

    I have created a crisp, clean look to my site, but my galleries have a terrible black bar at the top and bottom that I can not seem to get rid of :-(  All the other color areas are customizable so this one portion looks really out of place.  Is there a place to change this in Crystallized?

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