Nimbus SEO Mapping Tool

The Nimbus SEO Mapping Tool will allow you to preserve your existing search engine rankings after you move to a Nimbus site.

Nimbus searches Google and takes the top 25 results for the domains you've added to in the Domains and DNS control panel:

Let's say you're a photographer who has a current "portfolio" website on one domain and your blog on another. Because Nimbus cleanly integrates your blog and website, you're going to put both your portfolio content and blog content on the same domain.

First, you'll want to add all of your old domains to Nimbus in the Settings > Domains and DNS settings panel:


Next, visit the SEO mapping tool by going to Settings > SEO Mapping. You'll see a tab for each domain you've added to the Domains and DNS settings panel. The URLs in each tab represent the top 25 results in Google for each domain. Nimbus will use "fuzzy logic" to try to associate the content of the old page with new content on pages in Nimbus:


You can select the page that Nimbus has found using fuzzy-logic matching. If no pages were found you can create a page alias in Settings > Page Aliases to map the old content to your Nimbus page content.

Under the Hood

You may be asking how this works "under the hood." The SEO mapping tool (and the Page Alias tool) create alias URLs that immediately redirect to the new URL using a method called a "301 Redirect." Search engines recognize a 301 redirect as a "moved permanently" and simply update their databases with the new URL for the same search results.

One alias per page

Each page in Nimbus is allowed only one alias, and this includes aliases defined by both the SEO mapping tool and Page Aliases tool. Search engines will penalize your page rankings if any one page has multiple 301 redirects pointing to it. In fact, having too many 301 reidrects pointing to one URL can blacklist your entire domain in search engines. We're lookin' out for ya here!

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    Rima Brindamour

    This has stopped working for me. When I go into my Nimbus settings and click on SEO Mapping, I see the following error message: "Error loading content".

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    Wes Roberts
    Is there a video that Shootq could do on SEO and how to maximize with Nimbus? I used Wordpress an had a high ranking but have dropped since using Nimbus.
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    Hey Wes, I'll plant the seed to do a video for SEO, but in the meantime, check out this awesome article 6 Ways to Affect SEO: Part 1by Joel & Amber on the PhotoLife. Thanks!

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