Nimbus Setup Guide

Nimbus Setup Guide


Nimbus is the new web for photographers. It simplifies your online presence so everything you need is at your fingertips – anytime, anywhere! Your website, blog and galleries are finally connected in the cloud.

Think of it as a channel to communicate and collaborate with your clients. Everything from your portfolio to your paperwork is connected. It’s never been so easy – and fun – to build your business and share your photos online. 


Getting Started

Brands and Nimbus

In Nimbus, each brand gets its own website.  If you need to enable Nimbus on another brand, you can do so from the settings to Manage Sites.  Learn more about brands in Nimbus in this knowledgebase article.


Themes control the look and feel of your Nimbus site and your publicly-accessible areas of ShootQ.  Update your site with a whole new look by changing themes and tweaking colors without affecting your content.  Choose your theme in the Themes settings in Atrium.  Learn more about themes in Nimbus in this knowledgebase article.

Navigation Menus

Menus are the navigation links that appear on your site.  Their location is theme-dependent and most often appear at the top or side of every page.  There are several pre-configured for you: Home, About Us, Blog, Galleries, Contact and Client Login.  You can add, remove and modify these links to go to internal Nimbus pages, ShootQ pages, even to a specific URL from the Navigation Settings.  Learn more about navigation menus in Nimbus in this knowledgebase article.


You create magnificent images, now show them off to the world.  Create galleries by importing images from Pictage events, flickr, Instagram and directly from your computer.  View your Galleries.  Learn more about galleries in Nimbus in this knowledgebase article.


Pages are places for your content.  Each page can have text, images and video.  Create a page in the Pages settings.  Learn more about pages in Nimbus in this knowledgebase article.


Already have a blog?  If so, you can import your previous posts from a Wordpress or Blogger site - even import from an RSS or Atom feed.  Import your blog.

If you don’t yet have a blog or want to start fresh, create a new blog post in Posts.  Learn more about blogs in Nimbus in this knowledgebase article.


Advanced Topics

Domain Name

Want to use your own domain name?  No problem!  Let us know your domain name in the DNS settings and find information about configuring your DNS settings.  Learn more about DNS in Nimbus in this knowledgebase article.


Users in Nimbus are separate from the users in ShootQ.  Additional users can be created in Nimbus to manage content and author blog posts.  Create new users in the Users settings.

  • Users need to be invited using a similar invitation to ShootQ.  Invited users will be able to configure their own profile settings in Atrium.
  • Existing shootQ users must be invited to Nimbus, they are not automatically added as Nimbus users.

Learn more about users in Nimbus in this knowledgebase article.


SEO, or search engine optimization is built into each Nimbus site.  Configure permalinks for pages and blog posts when creating them.  Additional SEO configuration is available for configuring your URL structure in the SEO Mapping settings.

  • The default URL structure in Nimbus conforms to good SEO practice.
  • URL structure can be customized by changing base URLs and individual permalinks.

Learn more about basic SEO settings in Nimbus in this knowledgebase article.

Learn more about advanced SEO Mapping settings in Nimbus in this knowledgebase article.


You can upload files to link to them from one of your pages.  You can also upload music files that you have rights to for gallery music.  Learn more about files in Nimbus in this knowledgebase article.

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    Andrew Niesen

    This works for now, but it's kind of hackety. We have a planned solution that will be much more elegant :)

  • 0
    Snap Cubby San Luis Obispo

    Has anyone been playing with Nimbus? My first impression is terrible, so I'm wondering if anyone has had a good experience and created a webpage that they are proud of with it. The template "Stratus" is barely like the LaCour example they give, and the navigation within is practically nonexistent. I'd love to be able to see a working website made with Nimbus that I could click through, not just screen shots. And one that uses what they offer, not something that has been overly customized with HTML code. Any good feedback would be great!

  • 0
    David Higgins

    I am finding that the template does not carry over from the Nimbus site to the ShootQ client area for the same brand. I am unsure of how to go about fixing this, but when clicking on "client area" it sends me to the old template we were using not the new selected template. This ONLY occurs when clicking the "Client Area" link in the menu. When I use the link I had created in the past that is on my other site the new template does apply to the client area. This is very odd. 

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    Ben Jenkins

    You're welcome.  I'm pretty sure that replacing the gallery menu link wouldn't affect the view our work button.  I checked the code and the view our work button is set to send visitors to /galleries.  I did however, find a way to hide the "get in touch or view our work" buttons using CSS.  If you were to hide those buttons then you could change the menu at the top of your site to point to your zenfolio gallery. 

    Here's how you do it:

    Edit your home page
    Click on the source button and add this code at the top.

    <style type="text/css">
    .cta {display: none;}

    I have a little more code that I added to remove and customize things further on our home page.  Here is the complete code, including the code to remove those buttons, that I added to make all of this happen.  You can check out our site by going to

    <style type="text/css">
    header h1 {display:none;}
    .recent-posts { display: none; }
    .cta {display: none;}
    div.content {
    float: left;
    width: 850px;

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