Show Pricing Page

Pricing - some people show it off for all to see while others keep it tucked away.  If you're a part of the former group, here's how you show your pricing pages to the world.

By default, the pricing page is not included in the navigation menu.  To add it, go to the Navigation control panel under Settings.  Add a new menu label, e.g. Pricing (this is the display name) and optional help text (this is the text that displays when hovering over the label).  For Item Type, choose ShootQ.  Then choose ShootQ Pricing in the sub-menu.  When you're done, click the Add Menu Item button.

You can rearrange the order by clicking and dragging the new Pricing link to wherever you like.  You can find more information on the navigation menu here -

A special note on pricing pages - if you have more than one pricing page in your brand, the ShootQ Pricing link will take your client to the "Select A Pricing Page" page.  They'll see the names of the pricing pages you've created as clickable links, each taking the client to the corresponding pricing page.

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