Brands in Nimbus


Each brand you've configured in the Brand Settings in Atrium can have a website in Nimbus.  To enable a site for another brand, click the Manage Sites... link under the brand drop-down in the top left of the page.


On the Manage Sites page, check the box for the brand for which you'd like to create a site and click the continue button.  Your site will not be available to the public until you're ready to publish it.  Take all the time you need configuring your site!  Create pages, blog posts, galleries, etc.  Test the waters and preview the site by clicking the View Site link.  Until you publish your site, the content is not available to the public.

Publish Your Site

Once you're ready to make your site live, click the publish link on the Dashboard.  A word of warning: this will change the layout and design of your customer-facing pages (such as your contact form, pricing pages, online bookings, and client portal). Clicking publish will make these changes permanent and cannot be undone.

IMPORTANT:  Publishing your Nimbus site will change the look of your ShootQ client areas!


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