Square Merchant Account Setup

ShootQ integrates with Square, one of the most popular and widely-used credit card processing systems. When the two accounts are connected, you can use Square as the payment method to charge your clients for invoices you create in ShootQ. Square will also "talk back" to ShootQ and mark an invoice paid when a successful transaction occurs. 

Syncing up the two accounts is a snap! But before we dive into the setup process, please review these important notes about the integration.

Important Notes:

  • Square may have different transaction rates for payments made via their OAuth API (as opposed to their card reader). OAuth API is the method used to sync your Square account to ShootQ. Please contact Square customer support for clarification on their processing fees.
  • The integration only works for businesses based in either the United States or Canada (although Square hopes to add additional countries in the near future).
  • Square will only accept payments from clients whose credit cards have a billing address in one of the following countries - United States, Canada, Australia, and Japan.
  • The currency - either USD or CAD - will be determined by the location of your business when you initially set up your Square account. For instance, a Canadian studio can only collect CAD and a US studio can only collect via USD.
  • Square uses credit card number, CVV, expiration date, and postal code to verify a client's credit card. Other information, like cardholder name and billing address are used for Square's Chargeback Protection in cases where a client challenges a charge.
  • The name of the package on the ShootQ invoice must be limited to no more than 60 characters otherwise Square will not accept a payment. This is Square's defined limitation.

 Now that you're aware of those Square caveats, let's sync up your accounts!


Sync Your Square Account to ShootQ

Just follow these steps to sync your accounts.

  •  In ShootQ, navigate to Settings > Invoices & Payments > Online Payments.
  •  Click 'Add New Merchant Account'
  • Choose 'Square' in the Merchant Type drop down menu and give it a Nickname.
  • Click 'Save'
  • Click 'Authorize'. This will redirect you to Square's website where you will need to "Allow" the permissions requested by ShootQ.


  • After allowing the permissions, your Square account will now be connected to ShootQ and will appear in your Merchant Accounts list.
  • Click on your account and verify that the default location is correct. If necessary change it to a different location and click 'Save'.
  • Run a Test Transaction to make sure the sync is working properly.



And that's it! Once your accounts are synced and you've run a successful test transaction, you can now use Square to collect payments on your ShootQ invoices. Just choose Square as the payment method when you are booking a client or creating an a la carte order. To change the payment method on existing invoices, navigate to the shoot's Billing & Legal section and select Square in the Payment Method drop down menu under each invoice.

Note 1: If you set up multiple Square merchants in ShootQ from the same Square account, deauthorizing one will deauthorize all of them. For example, a studio with two locations - New York and Philadelphia - might create two instances of their Square merchant in ShootQ. Square NYC would be connected to the New York location and Square Phil would be connected to the Philadelphia location. Deauthorizing either account  will unsync the other one as well.

Note 2 - REFUNDS: Just like all ShootQ integrated merchant accounts, if you need to refund a client for a payment collected via Square it's best to do it on the invoice in ShootQ (click 'View' next to the payment in the shoot's Billing & Legal section). Square will refund the client and the transaction will be recorded on the ShootQ invoice. It's that simple!

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