Changing the 'Send Date' for Scheduled Correspondence

Emails can be scheduled to be automatically sent to a client as part of a workflow or you can manually schedule them on any shoot. But sometimes it's necessary to change the date a scheduled email will be sent. For instance, if a workflow is put on hold, its scheduled correspondence will still be sent on its original date unless you change it. To change the 'Send Date' for any scheduled email, just follow the steps below. These steps will also allow you to edit the email in other ways including modifying the content, changing the recipient's email address, adding/removing attachments, etc.

First, navigate to the 'Emails' section under the 'Correspondence' area of the shoot. Your scheduled emails (along with past emails) will be listed in this section. Click the action icon next to the email whose scheduled date you want to change.



Click the 'Edit' button and then the 'Schedule' button. This will allow you to choose a new date to send the email.




The new scheduled date appears with the email under the shoot's Correspondence. And if you need to cancel the scheduled email altogether, just click the 'X' action icon. This will remove it from the email queue.



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