Integrating Your and ShootQ Calendars

Note: This article refers to the web-based calendar. For information syncing the desktop and Office 365 versions of Outlook, please see this article.

If you use an calendar, you can sync it to the ShootQ calendar so that items on one calendar will automatically appear on the other calendar.

Sharing the ShootQ Calendar with

To have items from your ShootQ calendar appear on your Outlook calendar, navigate to Calendar > Subscribe. This will show you the various calendar feeds in your account. You can subscribe to your booked shoots, leads, bookings by user, and birthday/anniversaries.  First, choose the "Other" calendar on the left side. Then click the 'Subscribe' button next to the calendar feed for which you would like to subscribe. For example, if I want to subscribe to my booked shoots from my Portraits Plus brand, I'd click the button indicated below.



Then Copy the URL.



Open your calendar, click "Import" and then "Subscribe". Paste the ShootQ URL into the "Calendar URL field. Then give your calendar a name, choose a color, and select a charm if necessary.




Now whenever you book a shoot in ShootQ it will automatically appear on your calendar.



Sharing Your Calendar with ShootQ

You can also have the events from your calendar appear on the ShootQ calendar. First, open your calendar, click the 'Share' tab and select your calendar in the drop down menu



Then make sure your calendar is Shared under Permissions. If it's not, select 'Get A Link' under the Shared section and click 'Create' under 'Show Event Details'.



Click 'Links to event details' under the Permissions section. Copy the URL in the 'Import into other calendar applications (ICS)' field. Do not choose the HTML or XML urls.



In ShootQ, navigate to Calendar > Settings. Paste your calendar's URL into the Feed URL field under Add An External Feed. Then give your feed a name and color code it. If want to allow other users of a brand to be able to see this calendar, click the brand name in the Sharing drop down menu (Shared Feeds). If only you want to be able to see it, choose Do Not Share (Your Feeds) instead. IMPORTANT NOTE: You will need to remove the letter 's' from 'webcals' in your feed url before clicking Add Feed.



It may take a minute or two, but a checkmark will appear next to your calendar URL indicating that your calendar is synced to ShootQ. If you see an exclamation point instead of a checkmark, this indicates that there is an issue with the sync.



The events from that calendar will now appear on the ShootQ calendar. Whenever you update your calendar, it will update on your ShootQ calendar, too.


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