Import Your Address Book

Ah, the once ubiquitous Rolodex! Surprisingly efficient and it made a fun sound when spun at high speeds. But nowadays, most of you keep all of your business contacts safely stored away in laptops, smartphones and email address books... 

...and the thought having to transfer all of those contacts into any new program is enough to make your head spin. Good news! With ShootQ there are two ways to import contacts - vCard and CSV. These are two universal file formats that you can easily import into the Relationships tab. CSV or Comma Separated Values is a common export format for most spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel. And vCard is supported by popular contact management applications, including Apple Address Book and Microsoft Outlook.

In your contact management system (i.e Apple Address book, Outlook, etc) you simply need to export your contacts that you want in ShootQ as either a vCard or CSV file. Once you have created file of all your contacts, to import them into ShootQ you need only get yourself here:  Relationships > Import

Find your vCard or CSV file by clicking the Choose file button and browsing your computer for it. Once you have the file, just hit the Import button.

A couple of quick tips:

  • When importing via CSV it's probably best to use our template. The template contains all of the contact info fields that ShootQ will allow. If you try to import other fields that ShootQ doesn't recognize, you'll get an error message.
  • For MAC users, to import more than one vCard at a time, go into your Apple address book and select the contacts you want to import by holding down the command key. Once you have the ones you want selected, go to File > Export > Export vCards. Save the exported vCard in a folder. This will create one vCard for all the files. You can then import that vCard into ShootQ.



That's all there is to it! You now have all of your contacts in ShootQ with all of the information you had stored about them in your previous address book.


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