Integrate the Contact Form from your Website/Blog

When you integrate the contact form from your website or blog, the information gathered on the form will automatically create a lead in ShootQ. There are three ways you can sync up your form. In this article, we'll cover the basic differences between them. Clicking the blue links in each section will take you to a more in-depth article regarding that particular feature.

1. Use the ShootQ-hosted Contact Form

In most cases, the simplest way to send your Leads directly to ShootQ is to integrate your ShootQ-generated Contact Form with your website or blog. This is a highly reliable connection method which will redirect your clients over to the ShootQ-generated Contact Form when they click a link in your website or blog.

2. Integrate your website's existing Contact Form via the ShootQ API

If you have a custom-designed website, you can have your website designer build a direct integration between your website or blog's contact form and your ShootQ account. This method allows you to create a very customized contact form but it does require some web coding skills.

3. Use the Leads via Email method

If you have a website that cannot currently connect to the ShootQ API then you may be able to connect your website contact form to ShootQ through email! With this method, the information collected on your contact form will not only be sent to your studio email address but also a special ShootQ Lead Creation Email Address.


Methods 2 and 3 allow you to keep the same look and feel of your existing website/blog contact form. They also allow for greater control over the fields used on your contact form.

If you have a website/blog that can't be integrated using any of the above methods, then you can use the "Lead from Email" function within ShootQ. This is not a direct integration (and it won't automatically create leads in ShootQ) but it will speed up the process of manually entering leads.

And view the following knowledgebase articles for specific details about integrating the contact forms for these popular website and blog providers.






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