Integrating Your MAC and ShootQ Calendars

You can sync up your ShootQ and MAC calendars so that items on one calendar will appear on the other.

Sharing the ShootQ Calendar with MAC

To have items from your ShootQ calendar appear on your MAC calendar, navigate to Calendar > Subscribe. This will show you the various calendar feeds in your account. You can subscribe to your booked shoots, leads, bookings by user, and birthday/anniversaries.  First, choose the Apple calendar on the left side. Then click the 'Subscribe' button next to the calendar feed for which you would like to subscribe. For example, if I want to subscribe to my booked shoots from my Portraits Plus brand, I'd click the button indicated below. Your Apple Calendar should immediately open after clicking Subscribe.



Then click the 'Subscribe' button in your Calendar app.



If necessary, modify the calendar settings. For example, you can change the calendar name and color. The location allows you to set where the items on your calendar will be visible. Syncing to "iCloud" will push the events/shoots to the cloud. Choosing "On This MAC" will make those items appear only in your Calendar app on your MAC. If iCloud is not an option, you can enable it in your computer's System Preferences. The auto-refresh rate determines the rate at which your MAC calendar will update with new shoot/event info from ShootQ. You should probably set it to Every 5 minutes to get the fastest updates.



After clicking 'OK', the events from the subscribed feed will appear on your MAC's Calendar. When the ShootQ calendar updates, it will update in the MAC calendar as well. This subscription feed is Read-Only which means you would need to edit the info in ShootQ; you can't update it directly on the MAC calendar.



Sharing your MAC Calendar with ShootQ

You can also have the items on your Apple Calendar appear on your ShootQ calendar. First, find your calendar's URL by hovering over the calendar and clicking the Share icon. Check the Public Calendar box. Then copy the Calendar URL. Click 'Done'.



In ShootQ, under Calendar > Settings, paste the URL into the "Feed URL" field in the "Add An External Feed" section. Give your calendar a name and color code it. If want to allow other users of a brand to be able to see this calendar, click the brand name in the Sharing drop down menu (Shared Feeds). If only you want to be able to see it, choose Do Not Share (Your Feeds) instead.



It may take a minute or two, but a checkmark will appear next to your calendar URL indicating that your MAC calendar is synced to ShootQ. If you see an exclamation point instead of a checkmark, this indicates that there is an issue with the sync.



The events from that calendar will now appear on the ShootQ calendar. Whenever you update your Apple calendar, it will update on your ShootQ calendar, too. You can also feed multiple calendars into ShootQ if necessary (i.e. Work, Home, etc)



For further guidance, check out this video tutorial: Integrating Your MAC Calendar with ShootQ

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