Weather and Sunrise/Sunset Times

ShootQ makes it easy to plan for those perfect shots in the magic hours just after sunrise or just before sunset. These times are located on a shoot's overview section just below the shoot's location. ShootQ will also show sunrise/sunset times for any events or appointments listed on a shoot. These times are based on the country and the zip/postal code of the event's location. NOTE: The Country and Zip/Postal Code must BOTH be specified for the event's location in order for sunrise/sunrise times to be determined and made visible.



The weather display on the dashboard under the Home Tab, will also help you plan your shoots. You can easily see the forecast for the next seven days in your area. And the sunrise/sunset times will also be displayed for each day of the week. NOTE: The weather and sunrise/sunset times on the home tab are determined by the country and zip/postal code in the brand's Legal Address. You can update the brand's contact info under Settings > Brands.

The temperature for United States' locations will be displayed in Fahrenheit. Other locations (i.e. Canada, New Zealand, Australia) will be displayed in Celsius.


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