ShootProof Integration

Syncing up your ShootQ and ShootProof accounts will simplify your workflow. Syncing your accounts will allow you to do the following:

  • Synchronize Your Gallery Scheduling: Booking a shoot in ShootQ will automatically generate a gallery in ShootProof
  • Update Your ShootProof Galleries via ShootQ: Modifying the shoot information (main contact info, shoot name and date) in ShootQ will update this information in your ShootProof account as well.

To sync your accounts, navigate to the Settings tab and click ShootProof under the Integrations section. Then click on the 'Authorize' button.


Fill in your ShootProof login credentials.


Then confirm that you want to sync your accounts by clicking the 'Authorize' button.



Once your accounts are connected, you can synchronize your bookings so that every new booking is automatically sent to ShootProof or you can choose to sync events on a per shoot basis (during the booking process).

ShootQ also needs to know which ShootQ shoot types correspond to which gallery (event) defaults in ShootProof. You can designate these under the Shoot Type Mappings section. If you have multiple brands, you can configure these settings independently for each brand. De-selecting the 'Sync' checkbox next to a brand will disconnect that brand from ShootProof.

NOTE: If you sync your account with ShootProof and then create a new shoot type in ShootQ, that shoot type will automatically map over to the default gallery set for the default brand in ShootProof. If you need to change it, just navigate to the Shoot Type Mappings section.



You can also send Previous Bookings to ShootProof. Clicking this button will generate a list of your booked shoots and you can then choose which ones to sync. NOTE: Do not sync shoots if the galleries have already been created in ShootProof otherwise a duplicate gallery will be created.




When your accounts are synced up, modifying the shoot's main contact info will automatically update in your ShootProof account. A main contact's roles in ShootQ will appear as tags in ShootProof.  Additional relationships on a shoot will need to be added manually to ShootProof as Gallery Visitors. When updating the shoot name or date, just click the "Update Now" link in ShootQ to have the gallery update in Shootproof. The Additional Details section of the shoot also lets you know that the shoot is properly synced (any sync errors will appear in 'red'). You can also navigate to the ShootProof gallery from this section as well.



  • It's important to note the sync is a one-way street. This means updating this information in your ShootProof account will NOT automatically update that info in your ShootQ account.
  • If you disconnect your accounts, you will not be able to re-sync events that were already created in ShootProof. Re-connecting will create duplicate galleries in ShootProof.

If there is an error when syncing your shoot to Shootproof, an error message will appear in the Additional Details section of the shoot's Overview page and in the What's New section of the dashboard under the Home tab. We will also send an email to the brand address notifying you of the issue. After you rectify the error, click the 'Update Now' link to re-sync the shoot.




As you can see, integrating your ShootProof account with ShootQ will save you time creating your galleries. It will also help when updating your main contact's information and modifying their shoot details like name and date. No longer will you have to do these things in two places. ShootProof integration puts it all under one roof!

Note: We are currently looking into integrating with other aspects of ShootProof. If you have any specific suggestions on integration points, please send us an email to We'd love to hear your suggestions!



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