Inbound Email Notifications

Inbound Email tracking allows you to see when a client responds to an email you've sent through ShootQ. When Client Response Tracking is enabled, a client's reply is directed to two places - your studio email address and the shoot's email address. A client's email response is then archived in the shoot's Correspondence section.

With Client Response Tracking enabled, you can also see client email replies from all of your shoots in the Inbound Email section under Business > Correspondence. This section will also show you when a client emails the shoot address directly.

The ShootQ dashboard under the Home tab will display a "What's New" notification letting you know you have a reply from a client.



Clicking on the link in the dashboard will take you to the Inbound Email section where you can view client responses from all shoots received in the past 30 days. This section will also show you the subject line, sender, shoot name, and the time/date the email was received by ShootQ.

To view an email, just click the 'Envelope' icon. You can also manually remove an individual email from this list by clicking the 'X' icon on the far right. Any email removed from the Inbound Email section can still be found under the shoot's Correspondence section. You can also clear all emails from this list by clicking the 'Remove All' link. Emails are automatically removed from this section after thirty days.



Emails sent to ShootQ from a brand  email address or any account user's email will not show up in this section. Those emails, however, will be visible in the shoot's correspondence.

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