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Ever wonder if your clients are opening and reading emails that you send them? With ShootQ's email tracking system, you can see all kinds of email data including the first and last time it was viewed by a client, total number of views, the status of the email (read, unread, failed to send) and which email program that was last used to view the email. Now you won't be left guessing whether or not your clients are opening your emails.

Before we dive into the various components of email tracking, please take note of the following:

Important Notes:

  • If an email has multiple recipients, the email logging data is based on the actions by all the recipients. For example, if you send an email to a bride, the wedding coordinator, and also a blind carbon copy to yourself, the system will record when it is first viewed by any one of these three recipients. It won't differentiate who opened it first. This also applies to other logs such as Last Viewed, Email Client, and Total Views
  • Gmail started loading images by default.  This will trigger a ‘read’ status, even though the client might not have actually read the message. This could result in inaccurate views being displayed.
  • If anti-spam software is installed on the client’s server, it could be loading images to verify their safety against viruses etc.  This could result in inaccurate views being displayed.
  • Emails sent prior to the implementation of ShootQ's email tracking system will have a Viewed status 'Untracked'.
  • The list of emails under Business > Correspondence > Email Tracking will show emails sent in the last 90 days. To see older emails you can download a full list of all of your emails to a CSV file in this same section.

 Email tracking information can be found in two places on the website - under Shoot Correspondence and Global Correspondence.

 Shoot Correspondence

You can view some email tracking info like Status and Viewed for a particular shoot by navigating to the Emails section of the shoot's Correspondence. The Status column will show when the email was sent or if it Failed To Send. Emails will fail to send if there was a previous email sent to the recipient that received a hard bounce notification or if there is an incomplete/invalid email address. Under the Viewed column you can see whether or not an email was Read, Unread, Failed, or Untracked. If it was read you will see the date/time that it was Last Viewed. It will also display the number of times the email was viewed.



Clicking on the the Last Viewed Date/Time stamp will show you additional tracking information including when the email was First Viewed, Last Viewed, and which Email Client the recipient used to last view the email.



Global Correspondence

To view email tracking information for all of your shoots, navigate to Business > Correspondence > Email Tracking. This section shows emails that were sent from all shoots in the last 90 days. Once again, you will be able to see when an email was sent, when it was first and last viewed, the total number of views, and the email client the recipient last used to view the email. If you need to view the actual email, just click on the Subject line. You can also download a CSV file with a  full tracking report of emails (except untracked emails) sent in the past year.



Failed Correspondence

Some emails are never read by the client because they fail to reach their inbox. This may occur for a variety of reasons listed below. You can view Failed correspondence under Business > Correspondence > Failed. If you do not see this section, it means that you do not have any current failed emails. Typically, when correspondence fails, you will receive a notice on your ShootQ dashboard.

Reasons for Failed Correspondence:

  • Hard Bounce: The email address no longer exists.
  • Soft Bounce:  The mailbox is full and not accepting emails.
  • Auto Responder: The person is out of the office.
  • Transient Bounce: There were problems connecting to the recipient's mail server.

Hard bounces will deactivate that email address in the ShootQ system. If you try to send an email to a deactivated email address, ShootQ will mark it as 'Failed To Send'. If the email address is legitimate, please contact ShootQ support to reactivate the address in our system. Emails that Fail To Send may also be the result of an invalid or incomplete email address.


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