Braintree Merchant Account Setup

On June 11, 2015 we proactively updated the integration security settings for Braintree to further safeguard your clients' credit card information and to ensure an even more secure process for their transactions. If you're Braintree account is already integrated into ShootQ there is no action required on your part to continue accepting online payments. However, we have introduced two new security settings you may want to configure - 1) AVS Rules  2) CVV Rules. These features are explained below.

Many banks approve transactions even if the address information or Card Verification Value (CVV) included with the transaction doesn’t match what they have on file. Braintree offers customizable Address Verification System (AVS) and CVV rules as part of our Basic Fraud Tools, so you can help ensure that only authorized users of a credit card are able to make purchases. See all of the available AVS and CVV rejection criteria.

Enabling AVS and CVV rules

  1. Log into the Control Panel
  2. Navigate to Settings > Processing > Basic Credit Card Fraud Tools > AVS or CVV
  3. Click Edit


       4.  Select your desired AVS or CVV rejection criteria

AVS Options:


* Note: AVS rules will only be applied to transactions and verifications with billing address country of United States.  To apply these to all countries please contact

CVV Options:


        5. You have the option to apply the rules to all transactions or only to specific card types, amounts, or merchant accounts      

       6 .Click Save

For more even more detail please visit Braintrees support article at


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