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On May 27th, 2015 we proactively updated the integration security settings for to further safeguard your clients' credit card information and to ensure an even more secure process for their transactions. If you're account is already integrated into ShootQ there is no action required on your part to continue accepting online payments. However, we have introduced two new optional features you may want to utilize - 1) ability to collect payments via E-checking and 2) ability to modify the payment form fields. These features are explained below. You may also want to review your other payment settings to insure your account is configured to your preferences.

NOTE: Some studios are reporting that their clients are getting an error message -"(14) The referrer, relay response or receipt link URL is invalid" - when clicking the Make A Payment button. This is usually due to having a default receipt url enabled in your account. If your clients are experiencing this error, please add as another receipt url to your account. To do so, follow these instructions.

  1. Log into the Merchant Interface at
  2. Click Account from the main toolbar.
  3. Click Response/Receipt URLs under Transaction Format Settings.
  4. Click Add URL.
  5. Enter this URL:
  6. Click Submit.



Set up a direct integration Merchant Account with and your clients can pay their invoices online through ShootQ. We'll send the payment to your merchant account for processing and mark the invoice as 'Paid' as soon as the payment is confirmed.

 Once you have created an account with, the first thing you need to do is connect it with your ShootQ account.

Settings > Invoices & Payments > Online Payments

Start by clicking the New Merchant Account button.

new merchant button.png

Add a Nickname for your account and select your merchant account from the Merchant Type Drop-down menu.




When adding an account, you will see two fields that require information entered. This is information that you will need to get from, but this article on the site should help you find your API Login ID and Transaction Key. PLEASE NOTE: When entering your Transaction Key, do NOT copy and paste the key into ShootQ. Type your Transaction Key to avoid errors like "TEST MODE". 



NOTE - Credit Card Types: You can determine which credit cards you will accept (Visa, Discover, Mastercard, etc) in your admin panel. The settings in your account will override any credit card settings in ShootQ.


Once your changes are saved, we recommend that you run a test transaction to make sure your account is synced up to ShootQ.



If you already have an automated Thank You email enabled in ShootQ (Settings > Invoices & Payments), you may want to turn off the automated email receipts that will send to your clients once a payment is made. You can do this in your control panel by navigating to Account > Settings > Transaction Format Settings > Email Receipt.


Modifying Field Options (Release Date: May 27, 2015)

ShootQ uses the credit card form hosted by  You have the ability to modify what is visible on the form itself.  These modifications must be done through the admin panel in your account. 


Steps to modify your field options in

  1. Log in to your Authorize.Net account (either test or live)
  2. Click on the "Account" tab at the top of the page
  3. In the first section, "Transaction Format Settings", under the "Transaction Submission Settings" sub-section, click on "Payment Form".
  4. On the page that displays, click on "Form Fields"
  5. Un-check all of the check-boxes in the "Shipping Information" section.  You can also adjust other fields here as you deem necessary (see below).
  6. Click the "Submit" button when you are done.

If you do not see the "Payment Form" option in the Account Settings, then you are logged in with a sub-account of the Authorize.Net account which does not have permissions to change them.  In this case you need to contact whoever owns the Authorize.Net account to either give you access or have them change the fields themselves.

Determine which fields should be viewable, editable, or required when submitting a transaction using the Payment Form. Check the "Required" box to require a value for that field before the transaction can be processed. Check the "View" box to allow the field to be viewable on the Payment Form. Check the "Edit" box to allow the field to be editable on the Payment Form.

We suggest having the following fields to be checked:  Card Code, Invoice No, Description, First Name, Last Name, Address, City, State, Zip Code, Phone, Email

Note: Selecting the Recurring Billing Transaction boxes will not create automated recurring billing (ARB) for ShootQ invoices.


Adding E-Checking  (Release Date: May 27, 2015)

When setting up your account you can enable e-checking (this option will only be available for clients with banks based in the United States).  This works the same way as a credit card, but it will show up in your transactions as an e-check.  If you have already setup e-checking and would like to remove the e-check option you have to call directly to get it removed from your account.   The benefit to setting up e-checking is that the fees are lower than credit card fees.

To set up e-checking, log into your account and click the Home tab. Under the Product & Services section , click and proceed with the process.

This is what e-checking will look like to your clients on the credit card form hosted by


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