Two Bright Lights Integration

The integration between ShootQ and Two Bright Lights is the best thing since peanut butter joined forces with jelly.  Our motto is shoot more, work less — this integration will have you doing just that. 

Two Bright Lights ( makes it simple to find the perfect publication to showcase your work.  Now that ShootQ is integrated with TBL we make it easy to add the vendors from your shoot to a TBL album.

Want to start getting published with a few clicks of the mouse?  Cool, let’s get started.

Log into Two Bright Lights ( and click on login.  If you are an existing TBL member enter your email address and password.  If you are new to TBL click on Join Us to setup a new account.

First you want to create an Album. Click on Albums, then on the Upload cloud icon. 


 Select the type of album you are creating and choose a category.


Describe the Shoot



Enter the details about the Shoot (Example: Bride Name, Groom Name, Event Date, etc.)


Add the name of the Venue and now you can Add Vendors by selecting the Import From ShootQ option.


Before TBL can access your ShootQ records you will need to enter your Public API Access Key.  To find your ShootQ API Key log into ShootQ, go to Settings and click on Public API.  



Make sure the Enable Public API Access checkbox is checked and your Access Key will then appear immediately below.  


Copy and Paste your API Access Key and Brand Abbreviation into the TBL page.


Select the Shoot you'd like to import or search for a shoot from your shoots list from ShootQ and click Import.



TBL will import all of the vendors you have associated to the shoot you are importing. If it is unable to recognize the role, you will be prompted to give it a business name if one is missing. Select a category from a list that is the best fit for that particular vendor.  You will also have the option to discard a vendor if it is unnecessary to add it to your album for publication.  Then click on discard or confirm.


The import is complete!  You can finish the last few steps of setting up your album and sending it off for publication.


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