How do I create an order or invoice for something not related to a shoot?

All orders or invoices created in ShootQ must be connected to a Shoot. There is no way to have an invoice simply associated with just a person. The reason we've done this is that it helps you analyze how profitable each shoot actually is for your business.

Example 1: You have a grandparent of a client who wants to order a album and she filled out your contact form, creating a lead. How do you invoice her through shootq even though you are not booking a shoot with her?

In this instance, we recommend simply adding the Grandmother as a relationship to her granddaughter's shoot. You can do this from the Shoot Overview page.


And then you can Create a New Order for the grandmother under that shoot.

Example 2: Some of my images have been made into greeting cards and every once in a while a random person pops in the studio and wants to buy one?

In this instance, we recommend simply charging the client via your proof gallery. Or you could create a Shoot called "Greeting Cards" and then add new relationships and orders to that shoot.

Example 3: Charging another photographer for a professional consult.

In this instance, we recommend simply creating a Shoot for that consult. You'll likely have a date that this is taking place and you can easily book that consult online via ShootQ.

Example 4: A client from many, many years ago (before you started using ShootQ) contacts you and wants to buy an album 

We recommend creating a shoot for this client by entering them as a Previously Booked Job. (*Note: On the create package page, you can skip that step if you like. You don't have to put in their original package details, if you don't want. Likewise, you'll want to choose no contract, so you'll just click continue through all the steps). Once you've created that shoot, you can then Create a New Order.

In all of these examples, these new orders will be associated with a shoot and you'll be able to see the approximate gross profit that you generated from all of the total sales resulting from this shoot. You can find these stats at the bottom of the Billing & Legal section of each booked shoot.


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