How do I refer a lead to someone in my Qclub?

On your Lead Overview page, click the Lead button in the top right corner of the Overview page and select Refer to Qclub in the menu that appears.

Refer to Q club.png

You can then choose which of your Qclub members to send the lead. If they are not booked on the date for the shoot you're referring, then you'll see a checkmark next to their studio name and their name will be highlighted in green. If they are booked on that date, then you'll see an exclamation point next to their studio name and their name will be highlighted in yellow.



You can choose to mark the lead as dead in your account or you can keep a copy of the lead in your active leads list. You can also add a message for the other Qclub member.

When you click the Share Lead button, a notice will appear in the What's New section of the Qclub member's home tab dashboard. They can then accept or reject the lead. If they accept it, the lead will appear in their Leads list under the Shoots tab. If they reject it, you will have a notice in your What's New section.




NOTE: Only basic shoot details will be shared with your Qclub member, including contact information and the Remarks field. Your Qclub member will not see any of your correspondence history.

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