How Do I Refund A Client Payment?

To refund an invoice, you first need to navigate to the Shoot that you need to refund and go to the Billing and Legal section for the shoot.

Under the Order, you will see all of the invoices associated with any particular Order. Click the 'View' button next to the invoice you wish to refund. This will launch the invoice in another tab in your browser.



 On the invoice page, click the 'Refund' button next to the payment you wish to refund to finalize the process. You will see a 'Refund' button only if you collected the payment via one of our integrated merchant accounts (1st example below). If you manually marked the invoice as Paid by using a non-integrated payment method (i.e. cash, check, etc), then you will see a 'Remove" button instead (2nd example below).




*Note: This will REFUND the entire amount of the payment for any direct integration Merchant Accounts, such as Authorize.Net or Skipjack. You cannot refund a partial payment through ShootQ.

If the payment was by check or another non-integrated payment solution, this will merely REMOVE the "Paid" notation from the invoice. In these latter cases, it will still be necessary for you to refund the client the actual payment manually (i.e. write client a check, give them cash, etc).


The refund will be noted in the Payment History section of the invoice. It will include the original payment method, refund date, original transaction id, original payment date, and amount.


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