Split Payment Feature

This feature improves the flexibility when splitting payments on your invoice. Let's get into it!

For either your Booking Proposal or order, click Edit for the Payment Collection Setting. If there is anything already added, click the 'x' to remove it and start fresh. Click Multiple Split Payments to see your options.


Current options are:

  • Distribute Evenly Into - Splits the payment in X number of payments, as evenly spaced as possible based on the final due date.
  • First Day of the Month - Literally the First of the month (Dec 1, 2015)
  • First DAY of the Month - The first calendar day of the month based on the final (and prior if included) due dates.




If you collect a deposit, now would be the best time to add it in. Note that ShootQ will re-sort the payments into Chronological order.



Once everything has been saved, you can see a preview of the Due Dates next to your selected package.

Things to note:

  • Shipping is always included in the final payment
  • In the case a specific amount is being collected, and you split tax evenly among all payments, tax will be included in this payment.


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