Add A Third Party Merchant Account

We support merchant accounts like and Stripe that can communicate back and forth with ShootQ and we highly recommend a direct integration option such as these. With directly integrated accounts, we can receive a confirmation that a payment has processed and mark that invoice as Paid, just as soon as the client posts it online. This saves you from having to monitor your merchant account and manually mark invoices as Paid in ShootQ and helps your client feel confident about your business, since they can see the results of their online payments immediately after posting them. 

All that aside, we know business isn't cheap and you have to pick your battles. There are companies out there that provide merchant services without a monthly fee and some of you may have a shopping cart that you need to continue using. Those can be compelling or even necessary options for some studios, and we want to take care of y'all too.

To set up Third Party External Link as your merchant account, start by navigating here in your ShootQ account:

Settings > Invoices & Payments > Online Payments

Click on the New Merchant Account button to get started.


Third Party External Link from the Merchant Type Drop-down menu.

third party external link.png

Now you will see three new fields that require information entered. You need to provide the URL the client should be redirected to for their processing payments, the text you would like to appear on the button that redirects them from their invoice to your external payment page, and any instructions that you would like to provide the client to help them through the process. You should also give your merchant account a Nickname.


That's it! You will select this as your merchant account when sending Proposals or on individual orders in a shoot's Billing and Legal section with the Payment Method drop-down menu. Important: When you receive a payment via your third party account, it is essential that you manually mark that invoice as Paid within ShootQ.

And remember, adding a new merchant account does not alter all of your existing invoices. If you want to offer the option to clients booked earlier, you will need to navigate to their orders and make the above adjustment.

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