Add a New User to your Account

Your membership level will determine how many users you can add to your account. These users can have their own login information to ShootQ. They can also be assigned to shoots.

To add new users to your account, navigate to Settings > People & Roles.

Then click the Add A User button in the bottom left corner. On the next page you can enter your team member's information. You can also assign them to certain brands and designate their access levels

  • Studio Manager: The user has access to most settings in ShootQ although they cannot change the Account & Billing info on the account (only the Account Owner has access to that area)
  • Employee: Many of the settings under the Settings tab are restricted from the user. You can enable further restrictions to hide billing/financial details from an employee and also disable their ability to send client correspondence like emails, questionnaires, proposals, etc.
  • No Access: The user does not have access to a particular brand or its information. All users must have access to at least one brand.



You can also designate a user as a certain type of personnel (i.e., Photographer, Videographer, Filmmaker, etc) under the Other Roles section. By checking this box, the user can then be associated with specific booked shoots. Check out this article to learn how to set up Personnel Types.



Once you have all of the user's info set, just click the Add A New User button at the bottom of the page. They will be sent an invitation email. In this email they can click a link that will direct them to the ShootQ sign-in page where they can create their username and their own personal password.

 Create An Account.png


If necessary, you can always navigate back to the People & Roles section to modify a user's brand access levels or to Revoke Access to ShootQ completely.



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