Allowing Clients the Ability to Update Shoot Details

By default, your clients will not be able to update their shoot information in their Client Area. They can update their personal details like Name, Phone Number, Email Address, etc (which then automatically updates their contact info under the Relationships tab). But they will be restricted from changing the shoot date, shoot location, start and end times, etc. However, if you would like the client to have the ability to update the shoot details, you can check this option either on the shoot itself or for all shoots under Settings > Public Area.

On a shoot, you can allow this option by checking the box under Additional Details on the shoot's Overview section.


To make this setting applicable to all shoots for your brand, navigate to Settings > Public Area and check the box under this section.


When you enable this option, your clients will have the ability to update the details/information for the shoot in their Client Area. When the option is turned off, your clients will still see their shoot information, but they will not be able to make changes to it.


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