Get down with ProSelect!

A welcome addition to all of you ProSelect users out there is ShootQ's ability to import orders that were created in ProSelect. This is a fantastic way to keep track of all your orders right within ShootQ and it's easy like Sunday morning. Here's how it works.

In your ShootQ Settings tab, you will see an option for ProSelect in the Integrations section, and clicking on it will show something like this.


The integration itself works like the inbound email feature, so you will send orders exported from ProSelect as attachments to a unique email address in your ShootQ account (which is in the yellow box). You will also see the Legacy Tax Settings below this, which allow you to assign default names to taxes that are attached to orders. This appears because all but the newest version of ProSelect send orders as either "Tax 1" or "Tax 2" so, if you have an older version, you can avoid the default naming convention and define a name for ShootQ to convert these taxes to. If you are hip to the newest version of ProSelect, you can define these names in the area of your ProSelect account that is shown below.


In order to get these orders into your ShootQ account you first have to get them out of ProSelect, which you will do by choosing the Orders menu and selecting Export Orders. You dig?


This will show you the orders that are available to export and you can choose which one you want in ShootQ, or hustle them all if you're feeling fly.


As you can see in the image above, you want to export to Standard XML for Web, since that's the type of reading ShootQ wants to do and click Export Now. Then it is just the age-old game of deciding where they should go on that computer of yours until you ship them off to ShootQ.


From here, it's just a matter of attaching the file to an email and sending it to your secret ShootQ email (you know, the one with the plus sign in it).

Then ShootQ says "hey, you have imported order(s)" on your Home tab.


Then you click on it and say, "hey, I've never seen this screen before! And it's green."


"But what's all this ShootQ Product drop-down menu business?" Well, the categories lets you pare down that monumental list of things you sell (if you were a good organizer and used the categories when you set up your pricing) and the choose option lets you associate all those things on the left with a product or service in your ShootQ pricing. Then you think, "do I really have to do this EVERY time?!" And ShootQ says "Nope!" Because ProSelect has this really cool option in the Orders menu called "Price List Setup"... but first, you have to enable an option in your ProSelect Preferences under the Pricing & Ordering section that you see down below. Just be sure to enable the option to "Show Product Codes on Price List Items".


Once you've done that, you can go to Orders and select "Price List Setup". 


Here you will see a list of each of the items that you sell, like so:


The next step is to select one and click the "Change" button up top. Then you will see the following screen where you can designate a code for that individual item.


Even though ShootQ only wants to read XML, it remembers every one of those codes that it's seen, so you only have assign it once but, if you ever want to change that assignment, you can. 

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