Send Emails to Shoots

We imagine many of you will still be sending email messages from your usual email program, but we thought you might like to have that correspondence in ShootQ also. After all, its always good to have all your important correspondence in one place. This is why we made you a unique ShootQ email address specifically for archiving correspondence that was created outside of the program.


You can find this email address right here:

Settings > Email > Send Emails to Shoots

When you are in your email program (like Gmail, Mail or Outlook) and are ready to send an email to a lead or a client, just BCC this special ShootQ address. ShootQ will look through all of your Leads and Shoots and try to match the recipient's address to what we have on file for your Main Contacts. Similarly, if you receive an email directly to your inbox from a lead or client and feel like it should be added to that Lead or Shoot's Correspondence history, you can just Forward the email to this same address and ShootQ will look for a match. If a match is found we will add the email to that Lead or Shoot's Correspondence history.


Once in a while, ShootQ might not be able to match up the email address with a Lead or Shoot. This can happen if the recipient is the Main Contact of more than one shoot or if the email address does not match that of any Main Contact. If this happens, ShootQ will send an email to notify you and ask for clarification. 

If you are unable to link to the correct Main Contact or if you need to archive correspondence sent to or from someone other than the Main Contact, ShootQ also creates an archiving email address for every Lead and Shoot in your account. This email address is located in the Correspondence history for each Lead and Shoot and you can simply BCC or Forward any emails to this address to have them added to the history.

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