Deactivate a Nimbus Site

If you have created a Nimbus site but would like to deactivate it, please follow the instructions below.

First the warnings:

  1. All Nimbus data for the brand will be permanently deleted.
  2. You will need to recreate your Colors & Themes for the brand as they will be back to the ShootQ defaults. I recommend taking a screenshot of any specific color codes you may need.

How to deactivate your Nimbus site?

Go into Nimbus > Manage Sites [HERE]

Click "Deactivate a site" under the continue button


Choose which brand's Nimbus site you would like to deactivate.


Confirm that you really want to deactivate the site.


You've successfully removed that Nimbus site from that brand. Just remember to update your Colors & Themes for the brand again.

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