Use the Lead from Email feature

Use the "Lead from Email" feature.

There are a variety of ways to get leads in the ShootQ system. You can have an integrated contact form on your website or Facebook page that feeds leads into ShootQ. You can also manually enter them via Quick Lead, Add Shoot, or Create Lead (for an existing Relationship). Another way is via the "Lead from Email" function.

When you receive a lead email from your website, you can simply copy the entire email and then login to ShootQ and navigate to:

Shoots > Lead from Email


You can then paste your email into the box provided and ShootQ will attempt to automatically parse out all the relevant details for the shoot and create a new lead for you. ShootQ supports the email formats of most major website providers.




The information will automatically populate in the fields below. Review the info, click the Create Lead button, and the lead will then be generated in ShootQ.


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